About GuardSight

GuardSight is an established provider of specialized cybersecurity operations, cybersecurity assessments, cybersecurity incident response and cybersecurity consulting services. Our solutions help our customers:

  • Defend critical assets against cybersecurity threats
  • Deliver disciplined cybersecurity operations
  • Improve cybersecurity posture
  • Measure attack surfaces of assets and evaluate risk
  • Collect and analyze log data using machine learning and data science
  • Conduct professionally managed cybersecurity incident response
  • Provide cybersecurity consulting services to achieve continuous compliance

We are a collection of cybersecurity warriors. We fight cyber adversaries for a living, we work in air-conditioned buildings, we get paid, and we’re probably going to go home alive tonight – HOW COOL IS THAT!

Our advantage is a combination of our cybersecurity expertise and our unique systematic approach to threat detection, threat hunting, and response. We believe in customer intimacy, operational excellence, value creation, teamwork, knowledge, and leadership. Our cybersecurity experts embrace a sustained commitment to execution and the principles of extreme ownership and bring a warrior mentality with decades of experience to the cyber protection mission 7x24x365.

GuardSight is passionate about cybersecurity and the evolving cyber threat landscape. We're looking for smart, motivated, and enthusiastic cyber warriors. GuardSight is a great place to work where you can trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people you work with!

GuardSight does not offer visa sponsorship.

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